Break through barriers, build consensus and create solutions.

The RooneyNovak Group helps organizations navigate the divisions in government to end stalemates so ideas and issues may move forward.

Drive Decision-Making

Successful government relations include strategies and tactics specifically devised to meet your objectives. Our full-service advocacy engages leaders and constantly anticipates and responds to the fast-paced, dynamic environments that shape the process of decision-making in government and business.

Making Business Better

Rooney Novak Isenhour puts their experience to work analyzing situations, identifying issues and clearly communicating to achieve clients’ goals. Whether it is business development, executive solutions or strategic counsel, we have a proven track-record building C-suite networks, improving leadership skills and enhancing communication.

Leadership Communication

Leadership is at the core of every success story and successful leaders know how to effectively communicate their message and vision. We help leaders define their vision, inspire audiences, and transform third parties into champions and advocates.

"We help clients cross the chasm of political polarization."

T.J. Rooney

A family of companies

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