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Rely on the firm Pennsylvania’s policy leaders and decision makers trust

Establishing or expanding your footprint in Pennsylvania begins with strategic consultants who have earned the trust of policy leaders and decision makers. Our team has served as trusted advisors to governors, legislative leaders, legislators and senior administration officials in both political parties. They have been in the room. They have sat at the table. As a result, their clients benefit from that unique understanding and knowledge of how the administration and legislature works.

Our team knows how to connect your cause with the right people. Our approach is more than just scheduling meetings – we are partners. We help clients develop a strategic plan, open doors and identify opportunities to share your story with the influencers who make decisions. We help them see how your project or idea is good for Pennsylvania.

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Rooney and Novak: Campaign 2019, this fall’s elections set the stage for 2020

Broad + Liberty asked political analysts T.J. Rooney and Alan Novak to discuss Pennsylvania’s current political landscape and explore what the 2019 election means for 2020.

Alan: Everybody who’s on the ballot in 2020 is already thinking about next year, especially members of Congress and folks who will be involved in the presidential campaigns. The Trump campaign is putting their people in place all across Pennsylvania, particularly in areas where they need to duplicate the 2016 results.

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"Building bridges with decision-makers starts with trust."

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